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Imogen Heap is incredible, so when we heard she was releasing a new song with Dead Mau5, we expected new and exciting things! The famed composer auctioned off one of his Pablo Picasso paintings last year to raise funds for the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. She wants to release a new track every three months until she has enough for an album release, to be able to better capture the period in which it was written! Ashley Tisdale is wondering that, too, but apparently she thinks it's Fifth Harmony should know better!
Despite the absence of formal data, these issues are all too familiar to women and girls, the survey confirms.

Carmen dating electra jett joan

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ET for this week's live chat to talk "Dancing With the Stars," Grimace, "Lost" and many other topics of great import.

Mystifying Quote of the Day: -- Dina Lohan invokes auto parts to help explain why the paparazzi are fixated on her relationship with daughter Lindsay Celebritology Live: Don't forget to join me at 2 p.m.

"Keith Richards had some of that," he announces with a hearty laugh, as Jett rolls her number on the mixing board before the take.

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A representative for the sexy beauty tells American magazine Us Weekly, "They are just friends." More on the speculation, a romantic Palm Springs getaway at the Dinah Shore Weekend is proven false as well.It looked like the real thing for them- like they were really in love!" Carmen appeared in Jett's new video back in May and "their relationship took off from there." Carmen's rep said, "Carmen was at the concert.Anyways, fascinating as Miz Electra’s romantic life may be, let’s get back to the real estate matter at hand…Current online marketing materials show the undecorated and barely furnished, three-bedroom and three full and two half bathroom Mediterranean residence, near the top of Nichols Canyon, was originally built in 1986 and, like many houses in the Hollywood Hills, sits hard up on the narrow street behind a walled and gated courtyard.Electra was spotted backstage getting hot and heavy with Joan Jett- after the old school rocker's concert at the Music Box in Hollywood.