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Updating huawei e220

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Many time we face some issues with the Huawei Usb modems like network status failed, device not responding correctly, dashboard causing some issue, etc..Mobile Doctor is tool that can diagnose and repair the common issues you encounter when you are using Huawei Usb Modems (Data Cards), It is independent of data card dashboard and Support Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system.The Vodafone connection routinely got about 1.5Mbps download and about 300kbps upload, although if the E220 was strung up in the right place to get the best signal and conditions were favourable, I got download speeds of around 2Mbps, peaking at 3.6Mbps.The Orange connection gets 1Mbps download on a good day, only 300kps on a not-good day. I think the network (base-station) infrastructure isn't very up-to-date in my location.

Previous experience had shown that the Vodafone Mobile Connect and Orange software and modems were not going to coexist on one computer easily (more on that later).

You have a Huawei product, need to update the firmware of your modem dongle, data card, wingle, mobile wifi hotspot, wireless gateway router, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet to improve the performance of the device.

Users can download the original (official) or customized drivers for your hardware.

This is the Huawei Mobile Partner software for the Vodafone E270 USB Modem.

You run the executable with the modem plugged in and drivers installed.